Colleen Ann McDonald, MA, LPC
New Life and Love Counseling

Before Your First Appointment
​​Why Counseling?
 A Pathway to Still Waters 
You have some ideas about the life you want to live, and you've made attempts to get there, but you you still realize have some distance to cover. We need encouragement to move past fear, anger, shame, guilt and sadness, and into the joyful, peaceful, and meaningful life we long for. You may relate to one of the problems and hope for the outcomes in one or several of the following scenarios:

1. You and Your Child Argue, A Lot: Another call from your child's teacher. You imagine the possibilities: she didn't complete her class work, she lost her homework, she called a classmate a name, and refused to follow directions on several occasions... After 4 weeks of counseling; so discouraging! But wait. Your child's teacher is excited about her progress and wants you to know she can see that all of the work you're doing to help your child is paying off. 

2. You Are at Risk of Losing a Relationship: You just resisted the impulse to say or do something that would have damaged one of your cherished relationships. Come to think of it, you've been resisting those impulses a lot lately. Yes, the words still come to mind, but you are enjoying the peace and connection in your relationships, and you now have the skills to maintain that.

3. You've Lived with Persistent, Intense Emotional Pain: For as long as you can remember you have felt emotionally raw.
The slightest look of
disapproval could send you into a spiral of shame and fear, and then every action you took to get out of the spiral took you deeper instead; the actions weren't in alignment with your values. In order to avoid those feelings, you avoided having a full life. But lately you have re-engaged in several hobbies, and you notice that when you walk away from most conversations you feel energized. You're even thinking about joining a meet-up group.

These are just a few examples of the types of problems that can be solved with the help of a compassionate, effective counselor.
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